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UAS / Drone Inspection

With a Pt 107 Commercially Licensed pilot on staff, we can use our camera-mounted Unmanned Aerial Systems to monitor construction activities.  Drones can be used for site selection, surveying, remote inspection and site monitoring.  These devices provide a way to obtain real-time project data on job progress and can identify potential hazards, safety or quality issues.  The larger the construction site the more helpful UASs can be in monitoring the project.

  • Real time inspection and documentation of high roofs during construction.
  • Environmental Compliance for project sites.  Erosion, sediment controls and revegetation information captured from a drone can be an invaluable tool for minimizing the need for inspections with authorities.
  • At large project construction sites, drone information can determine how much dirt has been moved or how much dirt has been installed.
  • UASs are great assets for quickly and easily gathering information on construction sites that will help keep the project on-track and on-budget.
  • The UAS derived photographic / video data can be used in investor or stakeholder communication / reports, project presentations, and for project marketing purposes.

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